Cristina Peck

(the umbrella bird)


Cristina Peck is an artist living and working in Rome, Georgia. Having grown up in South Florida, she gained an affinity for nature and sun light. Vibrant colors from her childhood as well as her deep interest in psychology and the human body inspire her artwork. Beginning compositions like puzzles, Cristina uses different mediums, such as fabrics, sewing patterns, linoleum blocks, or miscellaneous papers, to begin blocking out bold shapes. A goal of hers is to provoke questioning from the viewer concerning the materials used to the actual presence of a story.

Cristina began her formal study of the visual arts at high school, A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts. She then furthered her study focusing on drawing and painting at Belmont University (Nashville,TN) and at Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, NY). She also creates illustrations, surface design and textile patterns.


Please feel free to contact me with any inquiries as I am available for commission requests including surface design and mural work.          

Thank you for visiting, hope you enjoy!

~ Cristina